To stabilize the metabolism of your body, you need to go ORGANIC.

Organic food is natural without any sprayed chemical and fresh, and thus, it is TASTY.

Organic products put less burden on environment.

Organic foods are safer than foods raised with non- organic methods such as :-

Pesticides , Non organic fertilizers , Antibiotics and  Hormones.

Organic food ensures high food quality, which other conventional foods cannot give.

We use advanced  technology of COLD GRINDING


 Cold grinding is a new concept in spices processing, which results into higher production with better

end product quality aroma and color, than conventional spices grinding unit.

This technology uses cold water supply to control the grinding chamber temperature through a

complete stainless steel pipes WEB inside the grinding chamber hence the result of which

is reduction in loss of volatile essential oils in the spices and higher production rate.

This spice grinding is relatively very advanced technology and hence there are very few units operating

at present.

Spices processed using cold grinding technology for grinding has better natural color, as compared to

conventional process, this is very much important for Cumin , Chilly and Turmeric.

This method of grinding enhances unlocking of natural flavors, aid easy dispersion of the same

and control flavor strength.